Chris Syrimis & Co.


The tax department at Chris Syrimis & Co. has the relevant experience to deal with a very wide variety of taxation issues.

From compliance issues such as Self Assessment for individuals and companies to complex planning issues such as selling your business and Inheritance Tax planning we have the necessary experience to advise you professionally and in a way in which you will understand.

Our friendly approach to clients tax issues helps to make a complex subject more bearable.

We maintain state of the art computer hardware and software which helps us to deal with compliance issues with the Inland Revenue and related government departments efficiently.

In fact more than 90% of our clients Self Assessment tax returns were logged by us via the internet to the Inland Revenue. This leads to the fact that our clients who were entitled to a tax repayment receiving that repayment from the Inland Revenue within two weeks of submission.

With client's all over the world we can supply tax returns to clients by email, together with full documentation including our letter explaining the tax position to the tax computation and detailed schedules. Many of our overseas clients find this use of technology extremely helpful. Client's travelling a lot also find email use in this way extremely useful.

Whether you require assistance with compliance issues such as dealing with your Self Assessment tax return or whether you have complex tax planning issues you require advice on please contact our Tax department.